Team Builder Course

Implement the 4-step system for building and leading productive and thriving teams

with Shanda K. Miller


“I really enjoyed the Team Builder Course. Shanda did a great job of breaking down the characteristics of a Super Leader into easy-to-learn chunks. She gave us practical step-by-step exercises to successfully implement her strategies.”

Todd Wacker


Purpose-driven Productivity Course

Get Results and Meet Your Goals Without Adding Stress or Hours to Your Work Week

with Shanda K. Miller


"As an executive coach with 30 plus years of leadership experience, I am impressed with Shanda's teachings. She touches on the key knowledge any leader must have and uses the "whole person" approach to learning and engaging and leading others."

Julie Pearson-Ruthven, HICC

Compass Consulting

Project Management for Supervisors

Complete Your Projects on Time and on Budget without Being Overwhelmed and Overworked

with Shanda K. Miller


"I've worked with Shanda and she practiced the leadership skills she now teaches. Shanda is passionate about team performance and it shows."

Danaan O'Donnell-Davidson


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