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From Supervisor to Super Leader

How to Break Free from Stress and Build a Thriving Team That Gets Results

Are you a new supervisor or an experienced manager assigned to a new team? Do you experience overwhelm or self-doubt? Are you uncertain of where to begin?

By reading From Supervisor to Super Leader, you will know how to build a high-performing team that:

  • Enjoys a high level of trust… and loves showing up for work

  • Achieves extraordinary results

  • Consistently meets deadlines and goals

You will also know how to meet your boss’s expectations and leave work on time…so you can be there for your kids and have a life outside of work.​

If you want concise and easy-to-follow practices that can be implemented right away, then you will love this book.

Gain the confidence and skills to become a great team leader—a Super Leader.

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Shanda K. Miller’s book will teach you the lessons she learned in her 20+ years of experience as a team leader. Lessons that will transform your work life.

In From Supervisor to Super Leader, you’ll discover:

  • Simple strategies for building strong relationships with your team members

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to delegate and hold staff accountable

  • How to set high expectations for your team but also provide high support

  • Ways to engage, coach, and develop your staff

  • Easy strategies for managing your time and increasing your productivity

Join the world of Super Leaders—Get From Supervisor to Super Leader now!

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