Get Results and Meet Your Goals Without Adding Stress or Hours to Your Work Week

Do you often leave work late or take work home?

Do you find it difficult to keep up with everything there is to?

What if you could increase your productivity and reduce your stress without adding more hours to your work week?

This course is designed to help you bring purpose and intention to your productivity. Productivity that is aligned with your work goals, career goals, and your top priorities.

Supercharge your productivity so you can reach your work goals quicker and move your career forward.

If you want better work/life balance and you are committed to leaving work on time every day, enroll in this course!

In this course, you will learn 7 practices that you can implement right away to significantly increase your productivity and end burnout:

Part #1: Determine What’s Most Important (Do the right stuff)

Part #2: Be a Planner (Do the right stuff in the right order)

Part #3: Block Your Time (Do the right stuff at the right time)

Part #4: Focus on One Thing ( Do the right stuff, one at a time)

Part #5: Figure Out What to Do with Everything Else (Let go of the unimportant stuff)

Part #6: Use Meetings Sparingly and on Purpose 

Part #7: Create Your Accountability System 

This is a GET IT DONE course, it is not a training where I teach you and send you on your way with a To-Do list, I actually help you get it done and implement new practices – FAST!​

Objectives of this workshop:

Here's what you get when you sign up

This online course is organized into seven modules to be consumed and implemented at your own pace.

#1 Seven pre-recorded training modules

Each training module gives you lessons and tools for implementing your purpose-driven productivity practices.

 #2 Email coaching and support

You can email Shanda as needed and she’ll provide on demand email support at 


  • A course workbook
  • Templates and worksheets for each module
  • Lifetime access to the course

About Your Instructor, Shanda

Hi, I’m Shanda K. Miller, a champion for leaders, author, speaker, coach, and digital nomad.

For the last 20 years, I’ve led, built, and mentored dozens of high-performing teams. My teams have consistently delivered extraordinary results on-time and on-budget. And I did it while working less than full-time.

I wasn’t always a rockstar team leader, but I learned along the way all the practices you need to build high-performing teams.

I’m a Certified Master Trainer and my workshops are designed to get results. I want you to learn what I’ve learned and to know that being a team leader doesn’t have to mean being stressed and overworked.

My leadership purpose is to guide and inspire you to live your version of an extraordinary life and to help you become the leader you are meant to be.

Do you want better work/life balance? Are you committed to leaving work on time every day?

Yes, I want in the Purpose-Driven Productivity Course!