Become a Super Leader Accelerator

10 Week Course

Give your new supervisors and team leaders the leadership skills they need to build thriving teams that meet expectations and achieve extraordinary results

This course is designed for new team leaders and supervisors or for experienced leaders who want to strengthen their team building skills and improve team results.

This course will give your leaders the foundational skills of building thriving teams and also advanced skills for building high performing teams.

Enhance your organization’s leadership development with this new Accelerator program.

The Benefits of Strong Team Leadership Skills:

  • Improved employee engagement and moral
  • Higher productivity and accountability
  • More strategic and quicker problem-solving
  • Better relationships and more cohesive teams
  • Self-managing and high performing teams

This Course Will Benefit Your Leaders If They:

  • Are new to leading teams or have  been recently assigned to a new team
  • Worry about how to handle low performers or quality issues
  • Drag their feet when they need to give someone critical feedback
  • Are overwhelmed and working long hours
  • Want to make an impact on the people they lead
  • Want to lead high-performing teams that achieve extraordinary results, but they don’t know where to start

In This Course, Your Leaders Will Learn How To:

  • Lead with purpose
  • Get clear on their role and their boss’s expectations
  • Create engaged and thriving team members who love showing up for work
  • Establish the foundation for having important conversations
  • Create a system of accountability
  • Build high performing teams that produce extraordinary results

Here's what students will get

This is a live 10 week accelerator starting February 18th, designed to teach your leaders the skills they need to build high performing teams, so that by week 10 they will have the skills and a system in place to lead high performing teams. 

#1 Live weekly training sessions and group coaching

Each week we will come together for a live small group training and coaching session. I will start the session with a short training that includes Q & A. Then we will check in with each other to share our wins and challenges, before opening it up to coaching participants on whatever they need to move forward in implementing what they are learning or working with participants on any challenges they might have.

#2 Accountability and support

Participants will be encouraged, supported, and held accountable on this 10 week journey by me and the fellow participants in the Accelerator program. We do this on a Facebook group exclusive to participants. Students can also email me as needed and I will provide on demand email support. 


  • Templates and worksheets for each module
  • Three one-on-one coaching call with Shanda mid-way through the course
  • Get paired with an accountability partner

Course Objectives:

Week #1   Discover your leadership purpose

Week #2   Clarify your role, your boss’s expectations, and your team’s objectives and goals

Week #3   Learn the must-do step for building a foundation of trust with each one of your team members

Week #4   Learn what to do and not to do to strategically build your team

Week #5   Implement an accountability system with custom success measures

Week #6   Learn and implement the best techniques for providing effective feedback and turning unengaged or low performing team members around

Week #7   Learn how to coach and develop your team members to high performance

Week #8   Identify and implement custom productivity hacks so you can get your own work done timely

Week #9   Develop and implement your team leadership system

Week #10   Celebrate your completion of the course and identify your annual leadership goals

About the Coach & Instructor, Shanda

Hi, I’m Shanda K. Miller, a champion for leaders, author, speaker, coach, and instructor. 

For the last 20 years, I’ve led, built, and mentored dozens of high-performing teams. My teams have consistently delivered extraordinary results on-time and on-budget. 

I wasn’t always a rockstar team leader, but I learned along the way all the practices needed to build high-performing teams.

I’m a Certified Master Trainer and my courses are designed to get results. I want students to learn what I’ve learned and to know that being a team leader doesn’t have to mean being stressed and overworked.

My leadership purpose to guide and inspire others to live their version of an extraordinary life and to help leaders become the leaders they are meant to be.

What Others Are Saying:

Shanda has made an important contribution to supervisors and their team members. She delivers her message in a very practical and understandable way.”

Mary Henry Cameron, CPA, MBA, CFE

As an executive coach with 30 plus years of leadership experience, I am impressed with Shanda’s teachings. She touches on the key knowledge any leader must have and uses the “whole person” approach to learning and engaging and leading others.”

Julie Pearson-Ruthven, HICC, Compass Consulting

I’ve worked with Shanda and she practiced the leadership skills she now teaches. Shanda is passionate about team performance and it shows.”

Danaan O’Donnell-Davidson, Human Resources Specialist at 4J School District

If you want your leaders to Become Super Leaders, then it’s time to register them for this course!

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