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“Shanda’s Team Builder Workshop was engaging and insightful. Shanda delivered information in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement manner. The worksheets and templates allowed me to take what I had learned and plan how I could implement the action items in my day-to-day routine. I am excited to continue to use Shanda’s techniques to become a better leader and help my team in reaching our goals.” – Cathleen

“I’ve been leading a fully remote team for over five years and I’m always looking for new ways to engage my team and improve our performance. The Team Builder training is great for new leaders as well as those of us who have been at it for a while. Shanda’s information was well organized and the workshop format provided great tools for working on our own. I see myself returning to the resources in this course as my role and team evolve.” – Abbie

“I really enjoyed the Team Builder Course. Shanda did a great job of breaking down the characteristics of a Super Leader into easy-to-learn chunks. Because of her course and the exercises, I was able to open up a new line of communication with my boss which has already helped my performance and has the potential to put my name at the top of the short list for a promotion. With Shanda’s strategies, I also feel more comfortable taking on more of a leadership role at my company.” – Todd

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